Why Mold Grows

  • Mold growth in basements can occur on finished building materials (carpet, drywal, etc.), foundation walls, and floor joists.

  • With all mold growth, moisture is a key element:
    • Seepage can cause mold growth on exterior walls
    • Humidity and plumbing leaks can lead to growth on floor joists
    • Flooding can cause mold growth with direct moisture, and with elevated humidity

  • Drying may be a part of mold remediation

  • Physical removal of soft building materials and mold growth is important to the success of the remediation effort

  • Bleach is not recommended for mold cleanup on porous materials

  • HVAC cleaning should be part of basement remediation as the air handler is often housed in areas where basement mold growth is present; causing contamination of the HVAC system

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